Paris Hilton uses $18,000-a-night lymphatic drainage machine

In a recent interview with Marie Claire, Paris Hilton let readers know her health secrets, and she made it clear that her beauty starts from within.
Her mornings always start with skincare—she lists U Beauty The Barrier Bioactive Treatment ($198) and ToGoSpa Patches ($15) as her favorites—but she recently tried Viome, a custom supplement company .Since then, she’s also been adding nutrient-dense smoothies to her morning routine.”In my smoothies, I put bananas, strawberries, goji berries and Viome supplements,” she says.
“I’ve been focused on staying healthy from the inside out because I really think that’s the future of beauty products,” Hilton continued.”Many signs of aging and inflammation in our bodies are often caused by not getting the right nutrition, so I’ve been relying on my Viome food advice and supplements.” Another of her favorite supplements: R3set ($14), she Said it helps with stress relief and sleep.
Fortunately, she also has a wellness center at home, so she often indulges in hyperbaric oxygen therapy and cryotherapy from the comfort of her own home.She also enjoys walking in the mountains with her dog as well as surfing and skiing.
“And then I have this lymphatic drainage machine, which I do every day,” she told Marie Claire.”It’s called the Ballancer Pro ($17,900), so I wear it every night when I watch TV before going to bed.” She explains that the device is like a “full suit,” which she says drains “everything” out of the body. .”You don’t even need to exercise, it just perfects your body. This one is really cool.”
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Post time: Apr-01-2022