Medical cosmetology devices laser beauty instrument

The laser beauty instrument removes human pigment spots. The nd yag laser Medical cosmetology devices principle is to use the selective photothermal effect of the 1064nm band laser to release the energy in a very short period of time. Small particles, these small particles can be phagocytosed by macrophages in the human body and excreted, so that the pigment gradually becomes lighter, and finally disappears to achieve the purpose of treatment. For some substances with carbon as the main component, such as charcoal, graphite, etc., the laser can also give them high energy in an instant, so that they can be exploded and broken and gasified at high temperature in an instant. The laser beauty instrument instantly irradiates the color material in the text, which can eliminate some types of printed text with less damage to the paper.

The treatment Medical cosmetology devices equipment uses various physiological factors such as laser, electrode, radio frequency, photodynamics, carbon dioxide, ultrasound and mechanical resonance to act on the human body, and produce various physiological effects in the body to achieve the purpose of treatment. Laser technology is the most widely used, applied to hair removal, eyebrow washing, wrinkle removal, improvement of pigmented spots, treatment of black moles, spider telangiectasia, fat dissolution, acupoint therapy and other beauty projects. The laser has the characteristics of monochromaticity, high brightness and one-way transmission. It uses monochromatic light with strong penetrating power to focus on human or biological skin tissue, and removes damaged and target tissue through biological stimulation and high heat. Radio frequency technology is mainly used in fat reduction and pigmentation treatment, such as radio frequency fat dissolving instrument and photon radio frequency skin rejuvenation instrument. The Medical cosmetology devices treatment system consists of a control host and electrodes. The control host generates high-frequency wireless electromagnetic waves to the electrodes, and a small radio wave field is generated between the emitter and the receiver. The radio waves make the ions in the tissue oscillate rapidly, and as a result, heat energy acts on the target. tissue, thereby destroying cells and shrinking the tissue. The principle of ultrasonic technology is similar to that of radio frequency technology, both of which are the selective electrolysis of target cells through the principle of pyrolysis.
Pyrolysis, known as “selective electrothermal action”. Ultrasonic focusing causes fat cells to vibrate and rub physically, generate high heat, and form a cold stimulus with the outside, thereby accelerating blood circulation and reducing fat and shaping. The devices represented by electrode technology include radio wave therapy instruments and iontophoresis beauty instruments, which are usually composed of a host, a display, buttons, wires and electrodes. Under the action of the electric field, the
The essence is electrolyzed into an ionic state, and the drug ions are introduced into the target tissue by using the principle of repulsion of the same sex and attraction of the opposite sex. Photodynamic technology is applied to photodynamics and used in conjunction with photosensitizers to irradiate skin and mucous membrane lesions with light waves of different wavelengths for the treatment of acne, warts, vascular lesions and auxiliary diagnosis of certain tissue lesions.

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