medical and aesthetic enterprises in the United States

Revance Therapeutics, Inc. was established in 1986 to develop, manufacture and commercialize neuromodulators for a variety of aesthetic and therapeutic indications. The company’s lead drug candidate is Darcy’s botulinum toxin A (DAXI) for injection. Cash and profits have remained negative in recent years, mainly due to a large amount of R&D investment and sales expenses. In 2018, revenue grew explosively, and in 2017, the market value soared ahead of schedule, from 12 yuan to 37 yuan in about a year.
After the epidemic in 2018, the company rebounded very rapidly, from 12 yuan to about 35 yuan, and the market has high expectations for its future.
Anika therapeutics was established in 1983, the company provides products for various therapeutic areas such as plastic surgery, dermatology, surgery, etc. The company develops all its products based on hyaluronic acid (HA) technology. Through its dermis products segment, the company provides products for the medical aesthetics market.

The company’s cosmetic dermatology products are dermal fillers based on chemically modified cross-linked HA

Founded in 1982, Sientra, Inc. provides silicone gel breast implants, breast tissue expanders and scar treatment products for breast augmentation and breast reconstruction surgery. It also offers body contouring products, cotton and nasal implants, saline-filled breast implant sizers and a non-surgical device that permanently reduces underarm sweat, odor and hair in a variety of colors. In the past 7 years, it has not produced stable profitability, but the revenue growth rate has been 16

After returning from the high point to the bottom in 2010, it rebounded sharply and remained at a high level. As a result, the stock price rose from 3.21 in 2015 to about 27 in 2018, but then fell all the way in 2019, reaching the lowest point. The reason is obviously that the market The future outlook is not high, and the industry does not have much technical content.
Founded in 1998, Hologic, Inc develops, manufactures and supplies diagnostic products, medical imaging systems, surgical products, and light-based cosmetic and medical treatment systems for women in the United States and internationally. Cynosure Inc., a wholly-owned subsidiary of the company, offers a variety of aesthetic treatment devices, including hair removal, skin rejuvenation, scar reduction, gynecological health and contouring; also related to skin aesthetics and contouring treatments. HOLX acquired Cynosure Inc. in 2017. After the consolidation, the cash flow rose sharply. The market recognized it in 2018/19, and the stock price rose by 50%. The latest stock price has doubled compared to 2017.
Founded in 2011, Align Technology, Inc designs, manufactures and sells transparent aligners and intraoral scanners, as well as dental services for orthodontists and general practitioners, as well as restorative and aesthetic dental services. The company has maintained a very beautiful and stable growth in revenue and profits in the past ten years. The cash has turned positive since 2007, and the market has fully recognized it. It has grown from the lowest point of 5 yuan in 2008 to the highest point in 18 years. About 400 yuan, 80 times longer in ten years, it can be seen that the market has full confidence in its profitability and future development.
Founded in 1998, Cutera, Inc. is primarily focused on providing laser- and energy-based aesthetic systems to practitioners worldwide. The company’s product portfolio includes systems, consumables, and skin care products. Includes body contouring treatments, skin resurfacing and activation, tattoo removal, removal of benign pigmented lesions, vascular conditions, hair removal and toenail fungus. The CUTR industry mainly involves laser-based skin beauty devices and body contouring treatments.

It can be seen from the six local American medical beauty companies analyzed above that the best industry is dental beauty, but because dental beauty cannot be completely classified as traditional medical beauty industry, if you look at facial beauty, body contour beauty, skin beauty, etc. In terms of industry comparison, in the medium and long term, the most prosperous ones are those who sell dermal fillers such as hyaluronic acid, followed by those who sell laser skin beauty equipment and body shaping, and then everyone expects better prospects for future development. Companies such as neuromodulators, such as Botox, and companies that make body implants may not be so good at making money.

The above is only to discuss the possibility of future development of various industrial fields of medical aesthetics from the perspective of the financial and capital markets of local American medical aesthetics companies. Since the current technology circulation is relatively fast, it cannot be said that the future development of China’s medical aesthetics industry will be consistent with Similar to the United States, we also need to conduct more in-depth industry research and comparisons.

Post time: Jan-17-2022