laser beauty equipment development history CO2 fractional laser & Q-switched nd yag laser

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Three stages of the development of laser beauty equipment



The development of laser beauty equipment has roughly gone through three stages:

Basic research stage (1960s): The first meaningful laser was introduced into the clinic by Maiman in 1960. It includes a ruby ​​and can emit a laser with a wavelength of 694nm. In 1961, someone used the ruby ​​laser to weld the peeled retina; in 1963, Goldman L began to apply the ruby ​​laser to the treatment of benign skin damage and tattoos and achieved success. In 1965, Goldman reported that the ruby ​​laser was used to effectively remove tattoos and there was no scar after treatment. After that, ND:YAG laser was used to remove tattoos and treat superficial vascular malformations. In 1968, Shanghai developed the Nd:YAG laser.


Clinical use stage (1970s): In 1970, Goldman L et al. used continuous CO2 laser to treat basal cell carcinoma and skin hemangioma for the first time. Due to the continuous provision of effective laser power and energy density, it overcomes the low power and low power of early pulsed lasers. The shortcomings of low efficiency have set off the first laser medical upsurge at home and abroad.


Mature stage of development (1990s): In the early 1990s, Q-switched lasers were used to treat pigmented diseases such as Ota nevus, tattoos, etc., and almost perfect therapeutic effects have been achieved; in the middle and late 1990s, variable pulse width 532nm laser treatment of blood vessels Sexual diseases have also achieved good results. At this time, advanced sets of laser beauty devices from the United States, Israel, Germany and other countries were quickly introduced into the country and tended to be popularized. Some domestic laser beauty devices have also been used in more and more domestic applications and gradually replaced foreign products微信图片_20211116174019 tattooremoval.






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