Indications and operation of 1064nm long-pulse laser beauty equipment

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Indications and operation of 1064nm long-pulse laser beauty equipment


Targeted clinical symptoms:

◆Hair removal of all types of skin—for black skin and after-sun skin (no artificial vitiligo), especially suitable for Asian races;

◆Vascular abnormalities-telangiectasia, port wine stains;

◆Varicose veins of the lower extremities with a diameter less than 3mm;

◆Skin rejuvenation and wrinkle removal—Currently penetrating deep and rejuvenating laser (1064nm wavelength).



Operating skills

1) If it is used for chest and face flushing and telangiectasia, it is recommended to use long pulsed 532nm wavelength;

2) In the operation of chest and face flushing and telangiectasia, it is even possible not to use epidermal cooling, but no matter what type of skin and port wine stains, epidermal cooling must be turned on;

3) The blood vessel color of the operation site becomes blue and purple and the surrounding tissue edema or disappears immediately is an indication of the termination of the operation;

4) For skin operations above Fitzpatrick IV, 532nm wavelength laser should be used with caution and attention should be paid to control the energy density;

5) A large light spot can cause a deeper penetration depth, so a larger light spot should be selected when operating varicose veins of the lower limbs (spot diameter ≥ 3mm);

6) Pay attention to the relationship between gem contact cooling and energy density, and a higher energy density should be used when the cooling is good;

7) Pay attention to the choice of pulse width. The larger the pulse width, the milder the effect on the target tissue. The heating of the target tissue is slower and less painful;

8) Pay attention to selecting the number of pulses and pulse interval, which will help the target tissue absorb more light energy and be more conducive to sealing the target tissue;

9) For vascular problems of the skin, the earlier the operation, the better;

10) The use of skin-improving cream after surgery is very helpful to avoid postoperative complications;

11) After the operation, you can use the high-concentration serum with vitality and heat preservation, the high-concentration serum with nourishing and moisturizing skin, and the high-concentration serum with balanced brightening and whitening.

12) All equipment is equipped with OPT power supply as standard for better use and better effect.


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