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What is Fractional IPL Technology?


Fractional IPL technology uses fractional energy bursts to ensure skin heals more quickly while giving better results than traditional IPL systems. The Intense Light energy is delivered in hotspots leaving space for tissue regeneration to take place.  Fractional IPL delivers efficient results on ageing, fine lines and wrinkles, sun damage, open pores, skin redness and rosacea as well as acne and scarring.




Extraordinary facial tightening, toning, and smoothing for a more even complexion! Fractional IPL Technology delivers better skin rejuvenating results with fewer side effects and less downtime. It reduces the signs of ageing on the skin in a safer & faster way compared to traditional IPL devices. It works by bypassing the surface of the skin (epidermis) to create on to the upper part of the derma micro areas of damage surrounded by healthy tissue. As a result a natural and quicker healing process is stimulated replacing skin imperfections by new & healthy skin. This occurs by increasing the production of collagen in the skin.


• Treats all signs of ageing and returns skin firmness
• Boosts Collagen production by stimulating fibroblast cells
• Removes red stains on the neck and chest
• Reduces & tightens large pores
• Reduces wrinkles and lines
• Treats Couperose and red patches on the face or neck
• Reduces marks from acne
• Treats Hyperpigmentation
• Brightens lacklustre skin
• Treats Age Spots


Acne, acne scarring and even occasional breakouts affect everyone at some stage of life. The many causes include hormonal changes, heredity, food intolerance, poor skin care or genetic tendencies. Having acne or breakouts can really affect confidence. Acne can include spots on the chin or full blown facial breakouts. The aim of treatment is to combat spots, fight infection, speed healing and prevent and reduce scar marks.
Fractional IPL uses the power of fractional light energy delivered to the site of acne via small capillaries found in the skin. This produces a naturally occurring anti-bacterial action in the skin preventing bacteria from re-creating infection, reducing acne and its resulting scarring


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