carbon dioxide laser and treatment of Vascular skin diseases

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The main role of carbon dioxide laser and treatment of diseases



It is a gas laser with a wavelength of 10.6μm. It can vaporize tissues to achieve the purpose of treatment. Main treatment: vascular skin diseases, pigmented skin diseases, malignant tumors, benign tumors or cysts, keratosis, hyperplasia and other skin diseases, etc.


1. Vascular skin diseases: purulent granuloma, cherry-like hemangioma (commonly known as blessing nevi), angiofibroma, angiokeratoma, etc.

2. Pigmented skin diseases: small moles, congenital giant hairy moles, etc.

3. Malignant tumors: resection or gasification of basal cell carcinoma, epithelial cell carcinoma, Bowen’s disease, etc.

4. Debridement: If shingles or chronic ulcers are often covered with thick crusts, carbon dioxide laser vaporization of the crusts is less painful and non-bleeding, and the wounds heal faster. It can replace the previous metal knife.

5. Benign tumors or cysts: such as follicular epithelioma, syringoma, seborrheic keratosis or age spots, chestnut swelling, sebaceous hyperplasia, lip sebaceous hyperplasia, neurofibromatosis, multiple sebaceous cysts , Epidermal nevus… etc.

6. Keratosis, hyperplasia and other skin diseases: such as warts, cauliflower, molluscum contagiosum, corns, calluses, keloid swelling, porkeratosis, embedded toenails, benign familial sores… etc.


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