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Pigmentation refers to spots that are different in color from the surrounding area. It is a hyperpigmented skin disease. It is caused by the increase of melanin in the skin. It is a skin disease that is common in the face with brown or melanin deposition and loss of volume. It usually occurs on the cheeks and Forehead, including freckles, coffee spots, sun spots, age spots, Ota nevus, Ito nevus, etc., are more common in women, and are related to genetics, sun exposure, and skin aging, and some spots will increase after sun exposure. The high incidence of pigmentation and the lack of ideal treatment have always been a major problem in skin beauty. Laser treatment provides an ideal treatment method for pigmentation. Laser freckle removal is different from traditional chemical or physical peeling methods. It uses a less traumatic method to fundamentally remove stains, so it is safer and more effective.


Laser can selectively act on different skin tissues, as long as a specific light source is used to ensure that only stains are affected, and normal skin tissues will not be affected. The laser energy can be absorbed by the pigment particles in the lesion in a very short time, generating extremely high temperature, causing it to expand rapidly, forming a micro-blast, vaporizing, crushing into very small particles, and then being absorbed by the macrophages in the tissue Swallow, clear.


Precautions of tattoo removal laser machine:
1. Under normal circumstances, the younger the age, the thinner the skin, the shallower the lesions, the stronger the ability to repair and absorb, and the fewer the number of treatments, the better the treatment effect.
2. Laser treatment of spots requires multiple treatments. Generally, it takes about 5 times for melasma, 1 to 3 times for coffee spots, and most times for freckles and age spots. The interval between each treatment is about 2 months.
3. Before the scab falls off, it is not advisable to perform vigorous activities and make-up, and do not tear off the scab forcibly.
4. Some patients may have hyperpigmentation, which disappears on their own within a few months.
5. Doctors and patients should protect their eyes during treatment.
6. Laser treatment of pigmented lesions will not cause irreversible damage to the body.
7. Go to a regular professional hospital as much as possible and choose qualified professional doctors for treatment to ensure safety and effectiveness.
8. Try to choose treatment in spring, autumn and winter as much as possible.


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