PDT photodynamic beauty instrument cosmetic treatment machine

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Precautions for photodynamic beauty instrument treatment

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1. The treatment irradiation time, 20 to 40 minutes for facial beauty and sleep treatment, and 40 to 60 minutes for sub-health treatment.

2. The best distance between the irradiation head and the treatment site is about 3-5 cm. If it is too close to the skin, the range of action will be attenuated.

3. When rotating the irradiation head, it should be rotated 180 degrees according to the mark indicated on the joint of the irradiation head and the support arm, and not 360 degrees, so as to avoid twisting the connecting cable and causing the irradiation head to cut off the power.

4. Do not use the product in a high-humidity environment, it should be used on a firm and flat surface.

5. Do not swing the arm excessively to avoid damaging the arm joints. When adjusting the angle of the arm, please hold the corresponding support point and do not put your fingers on the arm angle adjustment joint to avoid pinching your fingers.

6. When irradiating the face, you should close your eyes to avoid direct light. Red and blue light will not harm your eyes and vision, but long-term exposure may cause short-term visual discomfort. Therefore, goggles or thick cotton sheets can be used Cover the eyes.

7. In cosmetic treatments, such as applying essence and essential oils, it will increase the curative effect. In the treatment of alopecia areata, if ginger is applied to the affected area, the effect will be doubled.

8. This product is an auxiliary treatment method for sub-health treatment. It needs to cooperate with other treatment methods for deep intracavitary diseases. The curative effects will also vary depending on the patient’s condition and physical characteristics. Such as after using this product for one course of treatment (10 times). When it is not effective, seek medical treatment or cooperate with other treatment methods in time to avoid delay in treatment.


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